WM1302 Lorawan Packet Decoding

I am trying to implement a gateway for WM1302. I have sent a payload with an end node that has sx1262, It uses the LoraWAN protocol. I can receive packets via WM1302. But when I try to decode packets on, It gives me a strange result. It shows message type, f_count, port number, and some other parts are not correct. For example; RX_BUFFER:
A5C03A057308C0430370C608000B0C0230C173703FA02F38996659271ADE03928238BB2497A96B0E4B8315B37BC1649CA581CB3CF937F3191C2D078D4181AD644F68B101EA7E7A409324848A0D5B95002C, this message should be a data up, port number 01 but It gives random numbers instead. How can I decode according to LoraWAN messages properly taken from WM1302?