Transmitting data from ebyte E220-400T30S(433MHz) to RFM98W-433S2

Hi guys, I thought using Ebyte E220-400T30S(433MHz) module as transmitter and HopeRF RFM98W-43S2 module as receiver. But I am confuse about something. Ebyte modules use UART but RFM98W use SPI protocol for communication. Is this possible? I mean data transfer can be happen? If possible how?

Other Question about Ebyte module (E220-400T30S) ,

E220-400T30S module has a little antenna output. But I want to use SMA connector as a transmitter antenna connector. I want to use 3dBi gain whip antenna because I think their gain much better than pitch antenna. How can I do this? Is it possible?

Also Ebyte has a THT model them with SMA connector like E220-400T30D. But Its so big for my place which I want to put.

I want SMD model(I mean E220-400T30S) because I want to add it on my PCB. (looks well).

You guys what do you think? If you idea place share with me! I would be glad.

Its possible, but not at all easy.

The details of how the Ebyte modules work should be in the Ebyte datasheet.

Maybe EBbyte has example programs of their UART modules communicating with the more normal SPI modules.