Sx1302_HAL error

Previous topic was deleted. I created a Support Case with Number: 57099, since November/2020 no answers,

I am developing a gateway based on the SX1302_e539v02a_Corecell_schematic. Recently I finished the soldering components process and I began to use the Sx1302_HAL files to test the board. I have configured the with the custom GPIO of my project. The below tests files were successfully finished:
The below are returning the next error “an error failed to configure rxrf 0”
Most of the components are the same as in the reference design. I just change the Sky66420 to the SKy66423 because there were not available during the component buying in September.


did you try to launch the pkt forwarder ? if yes what is the logs ?


I solved the problem. I was with soldering problem in my Sx1302.