SX1276 band change

Dumb/naive question, I know. I have seen Lora devices such as sensors, gateways, etc where the band is selectable. That is, the user can choose which band they wish to use (ie 848, 915MHz).

Can an 848MHz SX1276 device be reprogrammed as a 915MHz device?

It can.

But the 848Mhz module will have antenna matching components for 848Mhz.

So by using the module at 915Mhz the RF output may not have the correct matching. This could possibly damage the module.

Thanks for your prompt reply Stuart. I am using an inexpensive Arduino shield so I am not too worried about damage. The shield has breakouts for the SX1276 DIO pins as well as an ICSP header. Can these be used to reprogram the band? If so, can you point me in the direction of relevant documentation? I haven’t found anything on the Semtech website so far.

Thanks again and regards.

You can only change the operating frequency.

For details on how to change that see the documentation for the Arduino library you are using, which should also include information on the pins you need to connect.