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I saw 2 month ago that you released a Chirpstack NS instance ( which will help to practice Hands On (LoRaWAN Academy). Two questions :

  1. Can you confirm that there is no way to connect a Gateway with UDP Packet Forwarder. Which will unfortunately make it quite useless for most my basic Gateway where I can’t install the Gateway Bridge.
  2. Is there a way to connect a client MQTT to subscribe to Uplink or to provide downlink messages? If so, is the address of the broker this one : ssl:// with the usual Chirpstack topic for uplink and downlink ?



  1. You can connect a gateway based on UDP packet forwarder thanks to Chirpstack’s gateway bridge. More information in the FAQ
  2. You can get MQTT credentials in the LNS application, then integration and MQTT. Please read Chirpstack MQTT documentation.

Thanks for your answer,

Ok, I need to install an external instance of Chirpstack Gateway Bridge as i can’t install it on my Gateway. Thanks.

I’m definitely a little bit lost on the second point. When I installed Chirpstack on a local server, I was able to connect to the Chirpstack Mosquitto Broker as follow :

  • @IP : mqtt:\my_server:1883
  • Authentication : No login / No password
  • Topics: The ones in the documentation

On Chirpstack loracloud, I assumed that :

  • @IP : eu868.mqtt.loracloud. com:8883
  • Authentication : With the certificate generated in Application>Integration> MQTT.

That’s obviously wrong as it doesn’t work. I’m a bit confused on the broker address I should use. Thanks.


The MQTT module for the AS has been activated few days ago and documentation is not yet updated but the broker address/port is
Then as you guess you need to authenticate against the certificate you downloaded in the MQTT integration

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Works perfectly well. Thanks @ogimenez !

I have a dragino LG01 gateway. What server address and port should i put in my LoRaWAN Server Settings / Server Address. I try / port 443 but my gateway is not view in portal. Can you help me ?
Thank you


Which packet forwarder are you using? If you are using

But be aware that the LG01 is one channel only, as written in Dragino’s website it is not recommended for LoRaWAN.

hello Community,
do you know if the Things Kickstarter Gateway is a compatible gateway?
thanks in advance


I never used it. It could be compatible if you can modify the network server address

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