Real Time Video


For a university project, I recently worked with a Ebyte E32 LoRa module, which sparked an interest on LoRa communication for me. So I wanted to know if there’s possibility for real time video transmission with a given LoRa module or chip. I’ve seen some research done. For example one done here with a camara attached to a drone and transmitting real time feed through LoRa communication,
However, this paper doesn’t provide much information of how it’s done, but somehow it does have a results section. The LoRa module used is a F8L10 which primarily uses UART to communicate to a MCU, found here But it seems weird to me, because I didn’t think that UART would be a sufficient means of communication for real time video. I found another research done for agricultural monitoring, this paper is much more detailed and does provide a better explanation of photo but no video transmission using LoRa; so not quite real time yet. I wanted to ask if anyone knows a LoRa module capable of transmitting a high volume of information for real time video transmission? I don’t need nor want to do any processing of video in a MCU or processor; so I’m discarding the EdgeX AI Module and the HuskyLens or anyhting similar. Ideally I would send information to a gateway which would upload the video to a local web application (for now)

The Ebyte32 uses an SX1278 LoRa device which is capable of a maximum data rate of 37,500bps.

The SX126X LoRa devices are capable of a maximum data rate of around 62,000bps.

The 2.4Ghz SX1280 LoRa device is capable of 203,000bps in LoRa mode and 1,300,000bps in FLRC mode.

Semtech publish LoRa calculators which allow you to work out the data rates for the various spreading factors and bandwidths.

Whether the data rates available are fast enough for ‘Real Time Video’ would depend entirely on the frame size\resolution and frame rate needed.