Minimal Interpacket Gap


I would like to make a prediction about energy consumption. To do this, I need to know what the minimal interpacket gap is, that can be technical achieved when sending several different frames with the SX1261/2. I am not asking about the regulation. I know those limitation.

I have not found this information in the documentation.

Are there any empirical values or is there even a specification in the documentation that I have overlooked? Thank you very much!

However, I recently did some measurements myself:

  • Board: NUCLEO-WL55JC1 running with Zephyr
  • Modem: LORA
  • Freq: 868.3 MHz
  • BW: 500kHz
  • SF: 5
  • CR: 4/5
  • PRMBL: 10
  • PYLD: 3 Byte

The following figure shows a power consumption measurement of the RF part (cf. JP2 on the NUCLEO-WL55JC1). Some adjustments in the stack to reduce the duration between 2 frames have been made. After each transmission an interrupt is triggered which causes a new transmission. Each frame can be sent with its own payload.

I have no idea if the duration between the packets can be reduced even more. The minimum possible gap in my case is about 1.39ms.

For my application, I would prefer to have continuous preamble with regularly embedded data frames. Does anyone know a way to achieve this with the SX126X? As far as I know, the datasheet from Semtech provides no possibility to achieve that.


With the packets are sent very close together. From memory down to 400us apart with the sx1280. We havent found a limit beyond trying to fit all the SPI commands in between transmissions.

I dont think a fallback to preamble is available, but it would be neat as an option.

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