LR1110 Geolocation Demo no Cloud response


I have just started testing out the LR1110 LORA/GPS transceiver development kit, and I am following AN1200.55, the geolocation Demo User Guide.

I am able to start the host application fine, and run both Wi-Fi scans and GNSS assisted/autonomous scans. But I am hung up in trying to get a location out of the LORA Cloud server when sending a GNSS scan. The guide details troubleshooting Python installs, but does not provide insight on this case.

After I gather data using the Nucleo/LORA dev board, I see a readout of the # of satellites, time taken, and power consumed. When I press the “send” button after a GNSS test, however, the Python terminal has the following response:

Cannot convert to GNSS or WiFi scan: '010132a617887be33ea9ca69eabe0378566f0450ff7f5aacda010aaa3e9659e5684f3ce308b38a05b2acbd5462153f801c7035caea15e308ed65, 11, 500, 2330'
No result available from server
Embedded: GetResult status: 0x0

I am running the Lr1110Demo command using all of the required arguments, including a valid Geolocation token from Lora Cloud. I have also tried running in Verbose mode, but it yields no more information about sending the nav message.

I’ve been running the Demo app Host with the following command, with api key and coords changed a bit:

Lr1110Demo -d COM5 -r 49.999,-99.999,270 49.999999,-99.999999,293 AQEA2…(rest of api key)…6srPl

The user Guide does say to include both DAS and GLS tokens, but I am only able to include one in the Lr1110 Demo without it throwing an error.

Is there anything else I can do to troubleshoot this, or is there another way I can get a location from LORA Cloud?