LoRaWAN Class B Compliance of SX1308 Picocell Gateway

Hello, everyone.
I have a question.
I would like to know if SX1308 Picocell Gateway V1.0 ( is Class B compliant.
In other words, is it possible to use this concentrator module on a Raspberry PI 3B in order to communicate with Class B end nodes?
If yes, where could I find the code for the packet forwarder?
So far, I tried to use but without success.
Thanks in advance.


The PicoCell can not be used with the packet forwarder in class B mode: the beacon needs to be sent at precise timestamps.
The PicoCell does not have PPS input: PPS stands for Pulse Per Second, it is an output signal send every second by a GPS chip, so the packet forwarder can not achieve high time precision and can not use class B.

Ok, thanks for your support

hello ogimenez, please tell me how to identify the characteristics of a class b compatible module, if you can tell me what determines it, because I am a little confused if also the sx1301 is compatible with class b, my confusion comes from this ad

All SX130x are compatible with class B because class B does not rely on them to work but on precise timing thanks to a GPS chip om the module or the gateway. The module does not seems to have any, but you can add a serial/USB GPS receiver to your gateway and use class B