LoRaWAN Class B Compliance of SX1308 Picocell Gateway

Hello, everyone.
I have a question.
I would like to know if SX1308 Picocell Gateway V1.0 ( is Class B compliant.
In other words, is it possible to use this concentrator module on a Raspberry PI 3B in order to communicate with Class B end nodes?
If yes, where could I find the code for the packet forwarder?
So far, I tried to use but without success.
Thanks in advance.


The PicoCell can not be used with the packet forwarder in class B mode: the beacon needs to be sent at precise timestamps.
The PicoCell does not have PPS input: PPS stands for Pulse Per Second, it is an output signal send every second by a GPS chip, so the packet forwarder can not achieve high time precision and can not use class B.