LoRaMAC-Node Lab & LLCC68


New to using this Semtech LoRa development environment, but have used STM32 in the past. I’ve ordered an Mbed Enabled STM32 Nucleo and Shields as part of the prerequisites and have found the LoRaMAC-Node Lab here: Introduction - LoRaMAC Node LabLoRaMAC Node Lab | DEVELOPER PORTAL (

One of my requirements is to use the LLCC68 and have the Mbed LLCC68 Shield in my possession. I didn’t see the LLCC68 as part of the listed radios in LoRaMAC-Node. Will the LLCC68 work with the LoRaMAC-Node example? If so, how do you select and add? Is this a good example to use for the LLCC68? If there are any guides for getting up and running with the LLCC68, please let me know. Thanks in advance!

Hi @jd1,

Some restrictions on the LLCC68 makes it incompatible with several regional parameters definition - no support of SF12 while needed in EU868. That’s why this is not supported in the stack you are referring to.

The screenshot below is taken from LLCC68 datasheet:

Hello mantoine,

Thank you for your response and reviewing the compatibility. It sounds like this stack will not be compatible with the LLCC68 as it doesnt support a modulation required for EU868 (Europe).

One last question, could you point me in the direction of the Semtech LLCC68 stack? Something like LoRaMAC Node project but for the LLCC68 and STM32 Nucleo? I have only found the C source and header file drivers on Github. Thanks again