LoRa and Sigfox

Are LoRa and Sigfox are real competitors are not ? I’ve cheked some information in french on this website : but I still don’t have a prices answer.

Thanks for helping !

Not really competitors, they have their niches.

First of all Sigfox is heavily limited in payload size. Only 12 bytes in upload with very few possibilities of download. That means minimal data, no ack possibility, not even talk about FOTA.
On the other side, their infrastructure is centralized and unique and roaming between countries is a breeze.

LoRaWAN has less limitations in terms of payload sizes, both uplink and downlink, even if it’s still an LPWAN protocol on unlicensed band and duty cycle limitations apply also here.
There is a lot more freedom in terms of choosing network servers, gateways, or even installing own server&gateways.
That means that the infrastructure and ecosystem is heavily fragmented, and there’s no unique provider to deal with. Roaming between network used to be almost impossible, not sure if that has been fixed in the meantime.