Is there any relation between range and payload size for sx1262

Hi all,

We have been observing behavior in which we have used same antenna, same environment and all things are same.

When we increase payload size to 51, we start seeing CRC error and packet drop, if we reduce packet size to 27 we are not facing any issue with CRC error and packet drop.

No changes in any environment on gateway as well as node side.

Also RSSI and SNR on packet received on gateway side shows better values.

What changes we need to make in configuration to achieve better range with payload size of 51.


Hello @lalitshah233,

We usually do not expect this kind of behavior. Can you please share a configuration (modulation and packet parameters) where this behavior is observed.



Thanks for feedback.

We are using it for IN865 region with SF9 and output power 21 dBm and coding rate used is 4/5.


I can confirm that the dependence of sensitivity on payload length should not be very noticeable, on the order of 1dB (source: SX1302CSSXXXGW1 performance report)).

Does the same issue occur when comparing the two payload lengths at lower transmit power? This would help rule out power source issues.