Is there a sniffer for Lora?

I am looking for a LORA sniffer/ a device which can able to check the reliability of communication happening between two devices. Are there any devices that are available in the market for my application?

I am looking for a product which can be used to validate LORA module in production.

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Hi @raj.ashok.ak - I’m not aware of a specific product to do that.

You can first check the output power in test mode to see if something is broken on the PCB, for instance. Then, it is also possible, still in test mode, to send packet and have a device configured to receive those packets on the production line.

If this is still a problem, with a coworker, we’ve succeeded in sniffing LoRa communication using an SDR and a software capture software. no need for high throughput with low bitrate, the diagonal are really distinguishable.
Here is what to expect:

There has been an article of some guys reversing the encoding to read directly from the capture, but it was too far fetched for me.