I want to communicate with LoRa without LoRaWAN

I am an undergraduate student and I need help, so I am leaving this question. Please understand that I am asking questions without knowing the details of LoRa.

I have tried LoRa communication with feather M0 LoRa modules, but what I want is to receive multiple values simultaneously. So, I chose SX1301 and purchased RAK2245, and I am using it connected to Raspberry Pi 3B+. My goal is to receive the data values of three feather M0 LoRa modules only by LoRa communication, which is a physical layer, without using LoRaWAN on Raspberry Pi connected to RAK2245.

My question is, are there any information or documents that I need to acquire first? Are there any widely used and easy-to-use libraries available?

Thank you for listening.


I’m a student as well, attempting something similar using a RFM95W and a Milesight UG65 gateway.
Have you made any headway with your idea or have you found more information regarding this topic?


For gateways developed by Milesight and RAK Wireless, we recommend using their own resources and libraries.

For our reference designs, you may notice more information readily available for our current reference designs, SX1302/3. However, SX1301 has resources in the Software Distribution Center. It includes the classic SX1301 HAL and packet forwarder, with some documentation on the github page for operating our reference design with a Raspberry Pi. It is also listed to be supported by LoRa Basics Modem, which is Semtech’s current solution for firmware development on many different products and MCUs.