DLMS Lorawan Implementation(data transmission protocol) guide

I am interested in DLMS over Lorawan, but as DLMS have larger payloads and require more uplinks, dutycycles etc. So I want to know the DLMS over protocol data transmission structure.

Please guide me regarding DLMS over Lorawan protocol.



Please find more information in DLMS blue books/green books, but in a nutshell:
SCHC-RFC9011 needs to be used in between DLMS and LoRaWAN layer, this SCHC protocol is handling segmentation & reassembly as well as header compression to avoid transporting unnecessary bytes. The stack is then:

 (Device application)                                            (Servers)
   DLMS Layer                                                 DLMS Head & System
   IPv6/UDP                                                       IPv6/UDP
   SCHC                                                             SCHC
   LoRaWAN        <-------------------------->                    LoRaWAN