Can SX1308P868GW be used for commercial application and is it certified?

Hi All,
I have few questions.

  1. Is sx1308p868GW a commercial product?
    I came across one pdf where it is written as “The SX1308PxxxGW Picocell Gateway V1.0 is not a certified product. The development kit is for evaluation and development purposes only.” .Follow below link to find this.

  2. What will be the range of lora picocell gateway sx1308p868gw?

  3. What will be the gain of antenna?

  4. what are the supported classes for this gateway?

Thanks in advance.


  1. The sx1308p868GW is a reference design and is not certified. Its purpose is mainly for evaluation and for manufacturers to create their own designs. I would advise to look at LoRa Alliance gateway catalog for commercial products
  2. The radio range is related to environment and radio parameters. If can be from hundreds of meters to kilometers dependent if you are in urban area or line of sight, and selected radio parameters (spreading factor, bandwith, TX power…)
  3. The antenna provided with the sx1308p868GW is a ANT-SR900 with 2 dBi gain. Please see the datasheet.
  4. This gateway can do classes A and C.

Thanks ogimenez.

  1. I have came across sx1308p868gw with metal alloy housing.Can I use that for a commercial applications?
    Below is the link for same gateway.

  2. why this gateway named as pico?


  1. No, it still is not certified. And actually I think that the housing has been made only for demonstration purposes and is not sold, I will check with Mouser but they might use a wrong picture.
  2. I was not involved in the name selection, but I guess that it is because this gateway design was smaller than the previous ones :wink: