Building a LoRa net without IoT

Hi guys,

I’m currently building a LoRa “net” project without IoT. Right now I have a rudimentary setup with five working nodes using the dragino sx1276 raspberry pi hats with a raspi 3 B+. Each raspi is connected to second device and with a GUI I can change the power level low/med/high on the secondary device using the LoRa net I’ve setup. The net is only in use when I’m out tinkering with since it’s just an experimental project to see how much I can get out of a LoRa setup without IoT, so it is not operating 24/7.

I’d like to make my setup more efficient/capable, currently I input my low/med/high parameter into my GUI and click transmit, for low power the packet contains “writelow” and is sent from node A to node B. In the dragino main.c I have it setup(I jerry rigged the code until it worked ha) to rewrite the whole config file for the secondary device’s power level.
My question is how can I do this better?
Is there a way to send a message from node A to node B and instead of having the main.c rewrite a config file it pushes the message to something else that will rewrite or amend the config file?
Is there a way to schedule messages to auto send from node A to node B based off of time taken from the GPS antenna?

What I really want to get from this is learning how to take a message that a node receives and push it to a specific destination so its content can be used for a specific function like amending a config file, and how to use time from GPS to schedule messages to auto send.