Hi, I’ve been testing lora with 2 raspberry pi.

One of them is using pisupply HAT with a rak2247 module on it - using it as a gateway. The second one is using pisupply HAT with rak811 (there is semtech sx 1276 inside). The software I’ve been running on a gateway is chirpstack. The one problem that I’ve run into is not being able to transmit with bandwidth other than 125Khz (there is no command to set that - the only option is to set p2p type of communication but I need to use Lorawan). For test I’d like to send with SF=7 and BW=250, is it possible to achieve this with my current setup? I’ve read on the semtech documentation that in fact it is possible. Ik that’s a begginer question but I’m stuck on this since last week.


I suggest you look at the chirpstack documentation for where it defines the bandwidths that it will use. These are normally pre-set when the region plan that Chirpstack should use is defined.

Maybe ask in the Chirpstack forum;