2.4GHz LoRa Transmitter and Receiver Prototyping


I read the 2.4 GHz LoRa Source code implementation:
and it was implemented using Semtech SX1280DVK1ZHP Dev Kit and ST Microelectronics NucleoL073. My questions related to my application:

  1. I would like to know if/how I can use the two boards (Semtech SX1280DVK1ZHP Dev Kit and ST Microelectronics NucleoL073 and build a Transmitter prototype and attach antenna) and transmit large data file (4MB) in small data chunks and receive it at a certain distance (e.g., 1km) using a Receiver prototype Board (same using Semtech SX1280DVK1ZHP and ST Microelectronics NucleoL073)?

  2. I would also be interested if I can build and use the Semtech SX1280DVK1ZHP and ST Microelectronics NucleoL073 Transmitter prototype and transmit the large data file (4MB) in small chunks to a 2.4 GHz LoRa Gateway.

Much appreciated.


I’m afraid that we don’t have an example that fulfills your precise application needs. Whilst the data transfer you would like to perform is certainly possible, the raw data rate of SX1280 at SF12 800 kHz for example, is 2 kbps. This has implications for both the time such a transfer would take and the capacity available for other communications.

Thanks, Tim

4MB is a large file, even if the fastest SX1280 LoRa settings are used, it will take around 300 seconds to send in a blind transmit and maybe 50% or more longer if its done on a send and acknowledge basis.

There is also the problem of ensuring that the there are no false packets received that could corrupt the transfer.

Those fast loRa settings would be good for around 4km if there is good line of sight between TX and RX.

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I am using the same Lora Module(Semtech RFS1280 and ST Microelectronics NucleoL073) as you have used,
I am able to transmit the data from
I am trying to receive data from server to payload,
But not able to receive any data from server,
(but join request/join accept & transmit is fine).

Please help me to receive Data from server.

Help is much appreciated,