Why are devices not 'using' local gateway?


This question must have been asked 100’s of times already but I can’t really find it.

I have several devices that are fairly close to a gateway (same building) but I see that 60+% of the time their msgs are picked up by some remote gateway. The difference in RSSI and SNR is huge, -42 and 14 vs -136 and -11) and there doesn’t appear to be any correlation with the channels. As a result the ADR doesn’t really switch the device to a more optimal DR; wasting BW and power.

So I have two questions:

  1. Why doesn’t the local gateway pick up all the traffic?
  2. Would it make sense to ‘fix’ the devices to a DR1 or DR2? Although that would compromise the redundancy.

If this has already been discussed in other posts please accept my apologies and feel free to provide link(s).



Sounds more like a LoRaWAN issue, than a LoRa issue.

If you dont get a reply in here, maybe ask the question in a support forum for the LoRaWAN application you are using.

Oops, sorry.

Apologies for the noise.


Whose LoRaWAN network are you using ? If Helium, than this is normal. They simply select the gateway that serves up the Uplink to the router first. If this is not a Helium network, then I expect the gateway with the best RSSI to be selected consistently.


The issue is resolved. The network the the device joined with uses 64 channels but the gateway was set up for SB2 only.

Thanks for the response,