What about Chip antenna?


I’m looking a way to use chip antenna, 1km range is enough for my need.
I did not found too much about chip antenna and Lora, how to design the PCB for chip antenna, does it require certifications.
I found the 0915AT43A0026E

What you think?

LoRa devices need an antenna for the apprpriate frequncy, there is no different requirements for the antenna if its used with LoRa.

The only way you will know if that chip antenna is good enough for the ‘1km’ in your environment, is to try it.

The ExpressLRS project has used a number of different 2.4G chip antennas with success. In a flying craft they reach well belond 1km. But be prepared to take a ~12dBm RSSI loss.

I dont think anything has been tried for 900M but it should work.


Ok i will thy one then and see.
I was thinking PCB antenna also but limited on space (10mm x 5mm ). Not sure we can miniaturize a PCB antenna and keeping the requirements (50 Ω impedance, 915Mhz).
@jye.smith ExpressLRS is an interesting project, i bookmark this for one day.

Anyway thanks guys.