Very Newbie Question

Hi I had been searching all throughtout the net and cant find direct answer to my question, hope somebody can shed some lights…

i want to learn and create projects using LORA, and would want to start simple one like monitoring temperature and humidity in the field and sending these data to receiver unit at home.

after watching dozens of youtube videos sample on how to send/rcv data between two LORA unit using arduino, it seems pretty simple and straight forward. But none of the videos talk about security.

I mean…would my receiver capture false data from other nearby lora “sender” in the neighborhood much like portable radio can easily eavesdrop other people conversation?

If the nearby sender is using a similar frequency and the same LoRa bandwidth and spreading factor, then yes you would receive it. There is no inbuilt encryption with LoRa, so if you want secure comms, you need to add your own security to the packets sent.

hi. you mentioned 3 conditions… bandwdith, spreading factor and frequency.

Out of these 3, which one can I set? or all 3 are preset/hard-set into the hardware module?

You can set all of them.

Perhaps study the data sheet for the module you are using ?