Using LR1110 with a GPS simulator

I have an LR1110 development kit. It works very nicely in GNSS mode (not Wifi mode) with a good view of the sky.

I would like to use it with a GPS simulator instead of the real GPS satellites, but I’ve found that it doesn’t return a location even when the simulator is properly locked to GPS time, and the simulated positions of the satellites match the positions of the real satellites. I get an error from the solver saying:

Error from solver: errors: [‘GNSS solver error {2}: Location fix dropped due to poor accuracy, caused most likely by big timestamp error’], warnings: []

Can anyone suggest why it isn’t working and what I can do about it?

Thank you for your help.

Can you please share the output of the GNSS scan when you’re using the GPS simulator?

Yes, what would you like to see?

The results of this scan - you can normally get it from the serial interface when using the host application.


Could you also please ensure that your simulator is using real ephemeris data ?

@mantoine I am using the Semtech LR1110 Development Kit and the example code LR1110demo.

I see from lr1110demo --help that there is a verbose version you can run by calling -v. Is it the output of the verbose version you would like to see?

Thanks again.

@aal7 - yes, this would be great to get this output.