Understanding LoRa inside out

I really want to learn and understand LoRa from the basic level. How it works. The big plan is to develop my own applications.
I have a Raspberry Pi with a LoRa concentrator board LRWCC8-MPCIE.
I have the serial communication up and can get AppEui with Utilities available.
From what I learned communication is based on AT commands.
From time to time some numbers are coming through /dev/serial0.
But just numbers without +RCV or sth similar.
But there is no response on AT or other AT commands.
What am I doing wrong or where is my failure in thinking?

Hello @mwuest,

Can you please let me know the tool you are using to get the AppEui?

Actually, this is not based on AT commands. As explained on the manufacturer website (, there are several tools to drive this card:

All the information are available in the dedicated repositories.

Well. At that time is was a bit mixing up App/DevEUI. Of course with tools and so on there is a DevEUI for the LoRaWAN Semtech Concentrator…