TxDone problem

We send command using the LORA_send() function.

  • Upload successful. The command was recorded on the gateway.

However, there was no signaling by pin DIO0. So there was a subsequent TX timeout…

So we inserted a code for reading IRQ flags into the TX timeout procedure:
void SX1272OnTimeoutIrq( void* context ).

  • TXDONE flag was successfully read!

How is it possible that the flag is set, but not signaled by pin DIO0?

We use SX1272 and STM32L433VC. LRWAN_V1.3.1


It seems that your are using an ST Cube library, if it is the case please report this issue to ST support.
If it is not the case, could you please give us more context ?

Thank you

Solved. This was a hardware issue - soldering error.

ok, thank you for the feedback