TxBusy remain locked

I’m experiencing the following problem with the Semtech LoRaWan Library 4.6.0.

For any good reason, a payload cannot sometime be sent due the fact that the sensor is just far away from a gateway or didn’t receive an acknowledgement within the opened windows (1s and 2s) for reception.

I discover that sometime the TxBusy flag remain active due to this reason and place my sensor in a blocking state where no other payload could be sent anymore. To unlock this state, the only possibility I’ve found is to force a (RE)JOIN, then all flag in the library are reseted to their normal state.

Since this is not the normal usage of the lora protocol, can someone tell me if there is a better solution to unlock the TxBusy state and replace the library in a way that it will works normally after a payload has not been sent or acknowledged correctly?

many thanks

notice that I use the Sx1272 with a STM32L151