Trying to use OOK on SX1276

This probably isn’t quite the right place to ask about using OOK on the SX1276. Yes, I know that it isn’t the right device, but it so happens that it is the part that is included in my boards… I’m trying to decode RF remote control signals (at 915MHz). My challenge is that I’m not able to get sensible data out of the DIO2 pin when I press the button on the remote control. I can see the signal being transmitted on my SDR and it is a nice PWM signal running at about 1ms per bit.

No matter what settings I put into the chip, I don’t get sensible output on DIO2. It is tuned correctly as I can poll the RSSI value and the value changes nicely when I press the remote control button. There seems to be a lack of code anywhere that I can find that has working OOK reception.

Is there either sample code to get OOK data onto DIO2 when you have to run in continuous mode, or are there a set of recommended settings?