SX1303 fine timestamping

Hello All,

I am using a SX1303 from waveshare for the application of local time synchronization between the LoRa nodes and the Gateway. I observed that SX1303 has fine timestamping feature, which in my application can help to improve the time sync accuracy.

But I am not aware on how fine timestamping feature can be used or accessed.Could anyone please provide me the right information and way to use fine timestamping.
I also read online that perhaps it is only possible for geo-location purpose. But still there is no proper reference in my view still available, on how to implement it. Still confused and no idea about where it can be used.


Hello Abhishek
As you know, SX1303 is used in LoRaWAN gateways to forward messages from LoRaWAN sensors to the cloud. When a message is received, a timestamp is added to sort things in the clouds data mangement.
The SX1303 has a “fine timestamp” and is used with help of GPS tranceiver to get an more accurate time. This is used when several gateways in a common network are receiving the same message from a sensor. If 4 GW’s with known coordinates are receiving a message with a fine time stamp and those gateways are well distributed with respect to the sensor, a position can be calculated of this transmission s origin. The sensor is not transmitting a position. 4 or more timestamps are enough to calculate a position.



When switch on the GPS, I can see the GPS epoch time, but observed the same GW time stamping accuracy, as it was observed in SX1302. I am thinking that if SX1302 had timestamping that was accurate for micro seconds, then fine timestamping would increase the number of digits used for time, to improve the timing and thus making it to have finer resolution.

Please do correct me if I am wrong :slight_smile: