SX1302 Documentation

Hello everyone,

I was searching for a more complete documentation for SX1302 than what is available on the official website. There’s only the datasheet, which doesn’t go into much detail regarding e.g. the SPI registers, the command interface etc.

Is a documentation like that available somewhere?


SX130x together with SX1250 was made to make cost effective, professional gateways for LoRaWAN network communication. That is why only the reference designs and drivers have been released for this purpose. It make no sense to release unnessesary information that would make a qualification of the gateways more complicated or even make the use illegal.


Thank you for the reply.

I’m sorry, but I fail to understand this approach: how is more information “unnecessary” and “making a qualification of the gateways more complicated”? It’s great that there is a reference driver available and open source (which I applaud), but without the documentation to go alongside it, it’s going to be hard to take advantage of that. How is anyone supposed to report hardware-related bugs when they don’t know what is the expected behavior?

I was especially interested in the SX130x series because of the new LR-FHSS modulation (because the older SX126x series can only transmit it, not receive), but since the reference driver doesn’t seem to mention LR-FHSS at all, it seems that everyone wanting to experiment with it is at the mercy of an update to the driver. On a side note, this also somewhat applies to the SX126x series, which had several changes to the datasheets that only added new information, which was omitted previously, such as LR-FHSS related info.