SX1280 Tx Continuous mode (SetTxContinuousWave())

Hi all,
We are doing a radio link between two sx1280, one as Tx and another one as receiver.
We can set up different, Freq., SF, BW, CR values without problems, all is working Ok and the data is transmit without any errors.
We can modify the power as indicated in the data sheet in the full range.
But we want to configure the modem in continuous Tx mode (SetTxContinuousWave()) for radio link diagnosis, when we send the command, the carrier is on, but always with a fixed power that we cannot control, seen in the spectrum analyzer.
Does anyone have experience with this operation mode? Is the output power fixed in Tx continuous mode?, because in sheet 83 of the data sheet (Rev 3.2), it indicates “is a test command to generate a Continuous Wave (RF tone) at a selected frequency and output power”.

Thank you in advance for your support and commentaries.