SX1280 spurious execution failure

Dear supporters,
Once again I’m coming to ask for advices. After trying to pinpoint the very problem I’m facing.

I have sequences of TX/RX/TX/RX or RX/TX/RX/TX or RX only. These sequences happens in TDMA slots.

Sometimes (not always) and I can’t seem to find out why, entering RX or TX from STDBY_RC makes the chip enters status 0x75: MODE_STDBY_XOSC + STATUS_EXECUTION_FAILURE + RFU0 bit.
The 0x75 is the first byte replied on the SPI of the next command sent to the chip (usually a 0xC0, to grab the chip’s status).

For RX (which seem to be the one with the most occurences, I just send two commands 0x82 0x00 0x00 0x00 (enter RX) , then 0xC0 (to check we’ve entered RX).

My setup has 2 boards, one with a 4Mbps SPI, and the other with a 1Mbps SPI, either systems are notifying this execution failure.

Has anyone been facing this issue yet?

Ok folks, this one is on me.

After a bit more digging, I discovered I did a wrong configuration of the RF parameters, hence the execution failure of the RX or TX execution. This was due to an invalid channel selection in my FHSS engine.

As a result, I now know that having an execution failure is the result of an invalid configuration.