SX1280 SetStandby data return

Hi, we are using EByte E282G4M27S based on SX1280.
Every time we send the command 0x80, 0x00, (STDBY_RC) on MOSI line, the ic returns 0xFF 0x43 on MISO, seen with a logic analyzer.
This data return is not documented in the datasheet DS.SX1280-1.W.APP Rev 3.2, March 2020.
Is this behavior right?
Thank you in advance for your support


I’ve never played with the SetStandby, only with SetSleep.
And in my case the SPI lines are as follows
SetSleep (brown is the BUSY line, purple is the CSN):

Next command (here a write register, CSN has been asserted for a few microsecs before the capture, but values were not readable with the zoom required to have the CSN falling edge in scope)

Hope those timeline capture will help you

Thank you Topaz for your reply. After checking again, I have found that if a GetStatus() is issued, after performing a Reset, the SX1280 return 0xFF and 0x43, where as far as I can understand, the first byte indicates the actual SX1280 mode and the 0x43 byte, that the command was processed successfully. If the same command is issued after some time of setting other parameters, the SX1280 returns 0x45 0x43, or other different first byte, according to its mode. For all commands, the ic always returns those two bytes. On section 11.3 GetStatus Command, page 72 of SX1280/81 Data Sheet, Rev 3.2, says “the GetStatus() command is not strictly necessary since the device returns status information also on command bytes”. So, this working is the correct ones. Again, thank you