SX1280 FLRC Issues

Hi all,

I have a question about the SX1280 in FLRC mode with variable packet length.
Do I need write the packet length into position 0 of the TX buffer like in some older chips? Or is the payload length setting configured in the packet params all I need?

Currently I do it in the packet params and on the RX side the packet which I receive seems to have the wrong length. I set the RX payload length to 90 and when I receive a packet, it shows an RX len of 93 with length error bit set.


Could you please check that both your transmitter and receiver are configured for fixed length packets? The detail on how to do this is can be found on page 124 of the V3.2 SX1280 datasheet.

The length error should only appear or variable length packets.

Thanks, Tim