SX1280 can send data to a specific address?

Hi, I am new to the forum but I have been playing with an SX1280 for a few weeks.
I can send data between 2 or more modules with no problem with a few different protocols LoRa, FLRC, Ranging, and BLE.
I would like to use the LoRa because I found it to have way fewer wifi interferences. The problem is that I would like to send data to a specific address and if the address of the receiver doesn’t match I want that the module to discards the package. At the moment, I can receive the package, put it in to the buffer but then I need to go and look “manually” for the matching node. This isn’t just time-consuming for the MCU but it can also easily lose information if there are multiple modules that are sending data. So is there any way to maybe add in the preamble or header (or any other ways) some sort of address so the module refuses any packages that don’t match?
I know FLRC has a syncword but that also requires the MCU to check over, if I am not wrong.

Hello, could you tell me what the correct return instructions are? I am not sure about my return instructions 0x59 and 0x5B


I am using Sx1280,
I am trying to receive data from Gateway,
But at present it is not working,

Are you using the “lorabasics modem-master” code,
then please tell me, wich part of the program,
the data will be stored in the code.

waiting for your response.