"SX1276" vs. "SX1278" transceivers


Is there any other difference (except following points) between transceivers “SX1276” and “SX1278” from “hardware design” point of view? i.e., can I use the same hardware (especially TX and RX designs) assuming that frequency range of target is supported by both chip variants (only low frequency band is used)? Should I consider any difference in the “software” side when communicating with the master MCU used in the device under development?

I understand that:

  1. SX1276 supports 137 - 1020 MHz frequency range, while SX1278 supports 137 - 525 MHz range.
  2. Pins 21 and 22 in SX1276 are aimed at high frequency band, while pins 21 and 22 are ground pins in SX1278.

Any answer, comment, or hint would be greatly appreciated.
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I got the answer to my question! There in no more difference other than those specified in the question.