SX1276: simple node to node communication

Hi Sentech Team,

I have Ebyte’s E32900M20S model with Semtech’s SX1276 IC. I have tried a lot to interface that model with my micro controller STM3L010RBT6 but till now I have not been successful. I also looked at the datasheet of SX1276 and tried to set the registers as per the datasheet, but still nothing happened. I am interfacing my module with SPI. So please tell me how simple transmit and receive data will happen from node to node. If there is any format for setting the registers, you can also share it with us.

I will be very grateful to Semtech team if they can help me.

If I know on the official website are library - it should work. Try it.

Those LoRa modules from LoRa have added RX and TX enable pins so care is needed in their use.

Could be worth asking the manufacturer of the boards, eByte, if they have a library that supports the modules they make.

1.What are the concerned registers for operating the SX1276 IC with Ebyte’s E32900M20S in LORA mode ? Attaching my configuration here. Please suggest if this is okay ?

Set the SLEEP_MODE(0) value to the RegOpMode(0x01) register
Set the Frequency with registers, RegFrMsb(0x06),RegFrMid(0x07),RegfrLsb(0x08)
Set the Power with Register RegPaConfig(0x09)
Set the Over current protection with Register RegOcp(0x0B)
Set the LNA gain with register RegLna(0x0C)
Set the CRC ON and Spreading factor with register RegModemConfig2(0x1E)
Set the bandwidth with register RegModemConfig1(0x1D)
Set the Preamble MSB with register RegPreambleMsb(0x20) and Preamble LSB with Register RegPreambleLsb(0x21)

I am not using any DIO pin

Set the Standby mode(1) with register RegOpMode(0x01)

then when i want to read Version value with Register RegVersion(0x42) sometime it is showing 0 and sometime it is showing 0x18 . According to the datasheet version value should be 0x12 when the RegVersion(0x42) read.

  1. What are the concerned registers for enabling TX operation ? Attaching my configuration here. Please suggest.
    Set the Standby_Mode(1) with register RegOpMode(0x01)
    Read the register RegFiFoTxBaseAddr(0x0E) then write that register value to the register RegFiFoAddrPtr(0x0D)
    Set the payload length with register RegPayLoadLength(0x22)
    Set the Data in string with register RegFiFo(0x00) then set the TRANSMIT_MODE(3) with register RegOpMode(0x01)
    Checking the irq flag with register RegIrqFlags(0x12)

  2. What are the concerned registers for enabling RX operation ? Attaching my configuration here. Please suggest.

Set the Standby_Mode(1) with register RegOpMode(0x01)
Read the irq flags value with register RegIrqFlags(0x12) and then checking that value if it is not zero then write again irq flags register RegIrqFlags(0x12) with value 0xFF
Read the recieve number of bytes with register RegRxNbBytes(0x13)
Read the register Fifo RX current addr with RegFiFoRxCurrentAddr(0x10) and then write RegFiFoRxCurrentAddr(0x01) value to the register RegFiFoAddPtr(0x0D)
Set the Receive continoue mode RXCONTIN_MODE(5) with register RegOpMode(0x01)

If I want to create communication in FSK mode, what changes will I have to make at the configuration level so that I can transmit and receive data properly ?

I am not able to figure out where the problem is, please someone help me in this.

Hi SemTech Team,

If I want to open FSK mode of SX1276 then which register do I have to configure to transmit and receive data?