SX1276 schematic diagram


I have been using for years the popular RFM95W modules, that have SX1276 chip embedded.
I would like now to develop a more compact module using the same chip for a space critical application. I have been searching (unsuccessfully) a recommended hardware schematic for using the SX1276 in the 868Mhz band, where I could start from with a new and more compact layout. All I have been able to find searching the whole web are schematics without values for the antenna matching network, that is the most critical part.
Does anybody know if a useful schematic diagram reporting component values is available?


Several reference designs are listed on the SX1276 product page where you can download the schematic and layout production files (pdf, Altium, Gerber, 868 MHz BOM). We encourage using the newer SX1261/2 or LR1121 chipsets for new designs.