SX1276 RxError


I’m running a test of P2P communication with two SX1276 radios, hosted by STM32l082CZ uC. Sometimes I’m experiencing an error called “RxError”, which is enumerated in ST LoRa Stack v. 1.3.1 available in STMicroelectronics website.

I’m trying to find what could this “RxError” mean in Semtech documentations, once it’s a callback function triggered by the radio, but I could not find any document that references or details such error.
Once I cannot know what is causing such error - wrong preamble length? wrong CRC? wrong Code Rating? - I gets really difficult to get to fiz the error.

Could you help me with that?

Thank you




Please report this issue to ST support. Without having more insight on the transmitted payload parameters I would also guess a wrong CRC, if it is enabled