SX126X lockup

Hi all, I am using the SX1262 having changed from the SX1272. Occasionally, the SX1262 appears to lockup in a high power state and drain the batteries. I have about 200 devices acting as remote sensor nodes. Every hour each node wakes up and transmits data back to a central server. Every 30 seconds each node wakes up into receive mode to look for any commands from the central server. Occasionally, often after weeks or months, a node will just kill its battery.

Prior to the battery dying the battery voltages look good and exactly what we would have expected at that point in the batteries life cycle. The previous version of the sensor nodes using the SX1272 have worked perfectly for over 4 years. The main operational firmware has not changed only the SX1262 driver firmware.

I have been unable to reproduce the issue in the workshop, but I strongly suspect that the SX1262 is entering a high power mode (Tx or RX) and then locking up or somehow refusing to go back into sleep.

Has anyone experienced anything similar to this behaviour, and if so, what was the cause and solution?

Thanks in advance.

What code are you using… I found a death loop in the ST code around resetting the device if it fails to send a SPI command correctly.


Hi Simon,

Thanks fro the reply. Im using Semtech demo code sx126x.c. There is no version number but the copyright is 2013-2017. Thanks