[SX126x] Latest driver and example code


I would like to get the latest driver and all example code for SX126x.

I get some driver and example code on the Github and semtech web.
But I am not sure which is the latest and good for me because all the driver used in some example codes are different.

Here are the drivers and example code that I downloaded. --> driver and example ==> cad-example code and driver

Hello @live1210,

The latest version of the driver for SX126x radios is


Hello Mantoine~

I couldn’t find any example code for the sx126x_driver. Could you let me get it some example?


Anybody can help, please?


There are currently no example code for this version of the driver. It is still under development and a first simple example will be released shortly.


Thanks for your reply.
Then, could you tell me which is the best solution for now?
Thanks a lot.

As of today, there is

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Thanks for your help.

How can we do now?
The project is not supported anymore by mbed, we are transfered to arm keil but the project do not open automatically, even after an acount creation…
Best regards

This does not seem to contain any example code, but only the source to the drivers. Where can one find example code for this chip?