SX1268 switch from sleep mode to transmission

The time to switch from sleep mode to transmission mode is 3 seconds.
Is this normal?

Hello @dpanyta,

Is this normal?

No, it’s not.

Can you please share more information? For instance, how do you perform this measurement?


The LED on the receiver lights up after receiving the packet.

Would it be possible to check on the transmitter side when it starts to effectively transmit?

On the receiver side, since the Time-on-Air can be quite long, you can see a delay.

I can see the difference between the two modes.

  1. The transmitter is in sleep mode.
  2. The transmitter is in active mode.
    In the second case, the LED on the receiver lights up three seconds earlier.

I am not able to reproduce what you are seeing.

Can you please share additional information? Like some part of the source code you use to driver the chip, maybe a reference of the board you are using.

If we exclude the string SPI_1(Set Sleep,4) from compilation, then it is three seconds faster…

Chipset Specs is for LLCC68 and not Sx1268.