SX1262 RSSI measurements


I am working with the SX1262 which i am testing in an office setting for now. I am measuring the output RSSI but i have noticed the spread of RSSI results from my test can be quite big? i.e 10-15 db spread across results taken. This seems odd as i am in a pretty repeatable condition i.e the external condition are not going to effect DB really

Is this the same for other users ? I am gathering the RSSI after i have recieved a RX_IRQ. Is there some wait period before getting the result from this register?

Thanks in advance for any feedback

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Yes, I often see RSSI for received packets vary by +/-5dBm

The very slightest change of my position or posture near (1 metre away) a receiver will make the RSSI vary. I observed this when I was trying to measure the effects of lora transmit power and module supply voltage to the received RSSI (Using Semtech E22 module), logging many receives over a period of time.

(This is also using the RSSI, SNR and est RSSI following a received packet)

Thanks for getting back! My plan was going to use RSSI - signal strength to roughly get a ideo on distance and hence select an aproprate data rate for my data. Have you found anyway to improve on the ±5dB or do you know of any other more reliable metric to choose from.