SX1262 osc output

Hi, I have been using a SX1272 in a project and I have to move to the SX1262. On the SX1272 there is a function to provide a 32Mhz signal (derived from the crystal osc) on one of the digital i/o pins.

I have been using this to provide an accurate clock signal for other aspects of the project. The SX1262 does not appear to have this functionality.

Does anyone know, or can think of a way of obtaining an accurate timing reference from the SX1262? It really does not matter what the time period is, provided it is accurate and repeatable across devices. For Example, if i could use an internal timer to give me a 1 second pulse on an output pin, that would suffice provided that the pulse is always consistent. The time period is irrelevant, it just has to be consistent and repeatable across numerous devices.

Thanks in anticipation of any ideas.

Hi, there is no feature in SX126x chips like the one from SX127x you describe.

Do you want the SX126x to be functional (i.e. perform radio operations) while providing a timing reference?

Hi, I don’t need the SX126X to be functional during timing. The timing is to form a sudo synchronising function in the background. I only use the radio once per hour, so i have plenty of spare time.