[SX1262] Failure to execute command


I’m Trying to communicate with Ebyte E22-900M22S, after resetting the module using The NRESET pin I try to GetStatus() the I receive 0x2 for Chip mode (which seems normal) and 0x5 for Command status which means Failure to execute command according to the datasheet.

I also tried issuing different commands (such as RADIO_SET_STANDBY and RADIO_CALIBRATE) to change the state of the chip but after any command the result of GetStatus() is the same.

Could you please explain more about Failure to execute command and what would cause this error?


PS: the result of GetStatus() during reset (when NRESET is low) in 0x0 for both Chip mode and Command status

Just for record, I have found that the problem was with VDD being about 2.8V and not exactly 3.3V.
So, as if fixed the problem in feeding the correct voltage to the module it started to act as expected.