SX1262 Continuous Wave Operation

Hi all,

I’m trying to put my SX1262 in continuous wave mode at 915Mhz, but I can’t seem to get the device to transmit. This is my first time using this module, so I would appreciate some guidance with the sequence of commands to send to the module to put it in CW mode.

Much appreciated!

Hello @jameson.beebe,

Please follow the steps 1 to 5 described in §14.2 “Circuit Configuration for Basic Tx Operation” of the datasheet:

  1. If not in STDBY_RC mode, then go to this mode with the command SetStandby(…)
  2. Define the protocol (LoRa® or FSK) with the command SetPacketType(…)
  3. Define the RF frequency with the command SetRfFrequency(…)
  4. Define the Power Amplifier configuration with the command SetPaConfig(…)
  5. Define output power and ramping time with the command SetTxParams(…)

Once everything is configured, you can call the command SetTxContinuousWave.