SX1262 and RFM95 plain LoRa library with node address ability

Im looking for library that I can use with 2 types of devices with LoRa radiomodules - Moteino (RFM95)
(https:// lowpowerlab. com/shop/product/99)
and Cubecell HTCC-AB01/AB02 (SX1262)
(https:// heltec. org/project/htcc-ab01/)
(https:// heltec. org/project/htcc-ab02/)
Library should support “node addresses”, so each LoRa node has their addresses - just number - 1, 2, 3, etc…
These nodes are “sleep” almost all time and during the daytime they wakeup every 1 minute to check if there is request from another node with special address, for example - address 100.
If there is such request - node send back the data from sensors.
If there no request - node start to sleep again for 1 min.
This way to work already implemented with library RadioHead for nodes based on Moteino and these nodes work OK during 3-4 month being covered under snow.

So Im looking for some library that will allow me add CubeCell based devices into this network…
But currently RadioHead library doesnt support SX1262 modules…
And native Cubecell library -
(https:// github. com/HelTecAutomation/CubeCell-Arduino/tree/master/libraries/LoRa/examples)

doesnt support “node addresses” with plain LoRa mode, only LoRaWAN which is not an option in my current network setup, because I cant add LoRaWAN gateway and switch to LoRaWAN mode.

There is also good library RadioLib - (https:// github. com/jgromes/RadioLib)
which support SX1262 but node addresses can be used only in FSK mode… no plain LoRa mode address for nodes…

Im still cant found the way to work with my devices with one common library and this issue with addresses prevent to begin my test new modules…
Please advice…

LoRa devices do not natively support ‘addressing’.

However its straightforward to include an ‘address’ as a say a couple of bytes at the beginning of the transmitted packet.

When the packet is received, the receiver code just needs to check those two bytes to see if they match the ‘address’ of that node, if they dont match the packet is rejected.

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thank you for your answer.

I understand what you explain but unfortunately my programming skills doesnt allow me to do this by myself… because of these Im looking for already prepared thing.
moreover - the task become complicated because of this library should work on the 2 types of MCU which is very different - Moteino based on Atmel ATMega328P, Cubecell - based on integrated chip ASR605x…

as far I understand - RadioHead library works with Arduino + RFM95, and Cubecell library works with ASR605x + SX1262.
And I need take some library and somehow modify it to add this “address byte” in the LoRa packet definition. not sure even from which side I need to come to this solving…