Sx1231 (rfm69hcw)

My SDR-based spectrum analyzer (SDRSharp) shows a noise floor about -60. Is that the number I should put into RegRssiThresh?

Hi Joe,

Certainly not! this would clamp the sensitivity of your receiver to -60dBm. RssiThreshold shall be set very close to your receiver sensitivity (which depends on front end, BW and BR/Fdev).
What you are measuring is either the noise floor of your SDR receiver (depends on BW also), or some in-band interference/noise where your test is run.

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How many peaks should I see on my spectrum analyzer? I’m using power up default settings, TX mode and sending 0x00. I’m trying to keep the programming as simple as possible until I understand how to move data from TX to RX. Besides my Fluke meter, I have a scope and an SDR-based spectrum analyzer (sdrSharp).

many peaks


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import spidev
import time
spi = spidev.SpiDev(0,0)
spi.max_speed_hz = 10000
x = 0x80
i = 1
while True:
rx = spi.xfer([0x01+x,0x0c]) #TX mode
time.sleep(.1) #more delay than needed to change mode
rx = spi.xfer([0x00+x,0x00]) #TX data
i = i + 1

rx = spi.xfer([0x01+x,0x01]) #STBY
time.sleep(2) #more delay than needed to change mode

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Please. Somebody help.