Sources to learn LoRa for arduino

I don’t know if this is the adequete forum to ask for sources for LoRa but it seemed like it.

A little backstory and objectives for our use of LoRa : So for a project in uni we need to mesure the co2 particules in the air and their movement around the room so we have 4 arduinos. So first we did a prototype with an SD card shield with each arduino, SDC30 (co2 humidity, temperature sensor) and each time after the measurements we need to go get the SD card and copy the file in our PC’s and then we tried testing Bluetooth but the range was too small. Afterwards we saw LoRa and it looked prommesing so we ordered 3 Grove LoRa-E5-HF wireles modules. However we are not able to find any documentation that works with arduino Leonardo or uno and the LoRa module either it is a propriatery device in extra or we need to change everything.

I was wondering if anybody have sources to how to start to Lora from scratch or any useful sources to transmit data between 2 arduinos with LoRa modules.