RSSI & SNR returned by GetPacketStatus


with SX1280, the command GetPacketStatus returns:
• Proper RSSI & SNR values when SetRx command has been previously called,
• 0 for RSSI & SNR values when SetRxDutyCycle command has been previously called.

Never seen this before with SX1261 -> have you ever noticed this behavior ?

Thanks for your support.
Best regards

Dear Pascal,
I do encounter the same behavior. But I’m not issuing the SetRxDutyCycle, I’m just manually sending SetSleep (after a send frame and before a frame reception), no SetSleep between SetRx and frame reception. And upon GetPacketStatus the RSSI and SNR are blanked.
I’m really thinking of a register not being saved and destroying internal state during SetSleep, eventually leading to invalid RSSI/SNR reporting.
I think there is maybe more to be setup before entering SetRx after a Sleep period.
I’ll conduct some more investigation.

Dear Pascal,
I found a dirty fix for my usecase of the sx1280, it does not sound possible to apply the same workaround with SetRxDutyCycle usecase. See SX1280 zero rssi and snr for details.