Remote Lora Network

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to set up a lora network in a very remote location, no internet or mobile service available.
As I understand I won’t be able to utilise LoRaWAN as it doesn’t support the use of repeaters.

This is a simplified diagram of what I’m trying to achieve.
“S” - Sensors, “S+R” - Sensor & Repeater in one Node, “R” - Repeater

For testing purposes I bought two RPi Pico with the Pico LoRa SX1262 HAT and one RPi 4 with this SX1262 HAT.
I intend to use the picos as sensors and repeaters in point to point communication and the rpi4 as the “gateway”.
The picos work great and can communicate with each other, but it seems the hat for the rpi4 is not compatible with the pico’s hat.

Now the question, is there a hat for the RPi4 being able to communicate with the Picos? If so could someone point it out, I can’t seem to find one.
Or is there an easier way of doing this and I’m just not seeing it?

Thanks in advance.

The gateway is in a location with mobile coverage, right? Instead of a SX1262 HAT, couldn’t you use a traditional LoRa gateway such as the ( SX130x Corecell reference design) which normally uses a RPI 4?